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Please read the following page carefully. When filling out a form to request a commission, you will be required to acknowledge that you have read this page in full.
By purchasing my services and art, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of service outlined below.

If you are not comfortable/willing to accept these terms, you may not request a commission. Any attempt to violate these rules will result in an indefinite blacklisting of services.


If you proceed with the order, you're agreeing that you're 18+ and thus I am not responsible for misguided agreements.

If you have any questions, check out the F.A.Q. tab below before contacting me!

If you have any questions, email me at

I will no longer be officially taking inquiries via Twitter DMs.

LAST UPDATED 28/03/2023.





Furrys / Humanoids


Aesthetic Illustrations



Suggestive NSFW
Explicit NSFW

Complex Designs


IRL People

Extreme/Problematic Fetishes
Political Material

Offensive/Discriminatory Themes



   I do my best to complete work as timely as possible, however, my ADHD and life events may keep me from consistently fulfilling a reliable timeline of deliveries. I struggle with executive dysfunction and burnout, and I would much rather take longer to finish something worth its price than deliver an inadequate standard.

   I also juggle a number of other things in order to financially support myself which contributes to possible delays. Thus, I deeply appreciate those who endeavor to work with me regardless of it and am ever so grateful for any and all support. ​

    This is not anyone else's burden, however, and certainly doesn't make it anyone's business- All I ask is for patience. I want to deliver the best I can for you! And you're always welcome to check my Trello board for general updates in between direct check-ins!



My Trello board serves to make up for what I may lack in communication- to easily give out a scope of progress

and to ensure that while time may pass, commissions are not forgotten! This way, commissioners don't have to be stuck wondering about delays that happen due to sudden bouts of illness, which can happen at any time without warning.

You can also view the info, status, and progress of your commission via your card.

There's no order on the queue work schedule, since I struggle with ADHD, I will jump between orders so that I

    don't get serious burnout.

Some things may take a bit of time to update since I do it manually, such as invoice status and such.

If your commission is on this board, however long it may be, I assure you that it is not forgotten!



By default, there is no set deadline unless the client provides a reasonable and meaningful deadline

     (e.g. a birthday gift, holiday piece, etc).

Other reasons may or may not be accepted and may be subject to a rush fee depending on the timescale, 

    especially if you must be bumped up the queue in front of others.

Rush fees are at least +25% of the commission, but may also depend on the project and timeframe provided.

Typically, deadlines that are after 6 months of starting won't incur any fee.

I may or may not be able to accept certain requests with a deadline, as I prioritize my health above everything else.



Additional characters are added as if commissioning another character and may be subject to their own

    prop/complexity/etc. costs.

Things such as backgrounds and props wouldn't need to be doubled. These are considered their own things

    apart from the character(s).

For example, if you are paying for a character with a complex prop and would like to add another character without one,

    you would simply add the base cost of another character without factoring in the prop.

If you're looking to commission multiple characters and are confused, feel free to inquire!



Please ensure that you have the funds to pay if you are requesting a commission. Reserved spots can be taken ahead of time for commissions over $200, with a half upfront deposit.

Payment is in USD and invoices will be sent when a price is confirmed and an email is provided.

Clients are required to pay in full for commissions of $50 and under;

For commissions above $50, half upfront deposit is required and the other half will be invoiced after the project is finished.

For bigger projects exceeding $500, payment plans may be used if the client would prefer.

The first invoice will only be sent after I start on your order in the queue, in case either of us needs to cancel or delay it.

Additional payments may be requested later down the line, such as in the case of partially paid deposits,

    requested additions, or fees due to excessive edit requests or other extra work.

I price my work based on demand, livable wage, and the amount of time and effort it takes to finish in accordance with my skill,

    experience, and quality. Haggling or insisting on discounts is unacceptable and will result in blacklisting.



Prices are for characters with ready reference material.

If you would like specific poses or moods, you may also share relevant images you have or create yourself

    (no matter how scribbly or messy it is, I absolutely don't judge- even stick people work well for this)!

Mood boards, inspiration boards, and written descriptions are also acceptable if comprehensive enough in the absence of standard references, but may be subject to a fee depending on the material provided, as I would still need to piece together the material to visualize the design myself. These are also more than welcome as a supplement to standard references! I enjoy seeing the building blocks behind OCs.


If changes and additions are desired later down the line due to insufficient description, it may also be subject to a fee. If you would like a character to be designed, or a part of a design, there will be an additional cost depending on how much work it requires (unless otherwise noted, which includes custom design work).



Note that I will retain some level of artistic freedom: as an artist and client, a commission creates a partnership and not an employee.

 Artists are sought for their style and vision, and I am not to carry out something that is far too removed from my aesthetics just because I am an artist. I am not to be used to executing arbitrarily difficult ideas or demands and have the right to decline a commission for any reason if I feel uncomfortable or inadequate at my current level of skill. I will not imitate or recreate other artists' art styles.


While I will certainly do my best if what you want is beyond my capability to execute or far too different from what I usually do, you may be better off seeking someone who better fits your vision.



 NSFW Orders are accepted, however, you must prove that you are 18+ of age with an ID or any other              document that proves so. (only the date of birth picture is required)

 Orders including any hint or explicit show of pedophilia/r*pe/zoophilia or any other kind of harmful and/or                problematic sexual acts will be denied and the requester will be blacklisted or even reported in extreme cases.

 NSFW Orders will be posted on my 18+ accounts only. If the client wishes to interact or tag, please make sure it's

    the correct username for the sake of the safety and comfort of my followers.


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